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The World of Kokomaē Artisanal Chocolate

The World of Kokomaē Artisanal Chocolate

The Intricacies of Kokomaē Chocolate

‘TRUST’ is a five-letter word but once established in someone, it becomes priceless. With Kokomaē we will constantly give you reasons for trusting our brand.  We believe in transparency by letting our consumers know everything about the product and the brand as well. So, let’s delve into each aspect of what you will be experiencing with our brand.

Kokomaē Brand Ethos

Kokomaē as a premium chocolate brand that aims to serve its consumers the best quality products proudly made in India at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. We, as a brand, never compromise on quality and that is the reason we have handpicked each ingredient of the finest quality from across the globe. Let’s have a look at our ingredients to assure you that we are a quality-oriented brand serving products with exquisite taste and yet, uncompromising quality standards.

Finest Handpicked Ingredients

Belgian chocolates have earned and maintained their name since decades and for our customers. We source our couverture from Callebaut, who are known to blend the finest main crop cocoa beans from three countries:

  • Ivory Coast: For the intense body of the chocolate
  • Ghana: for the fruity and a little sour flavor
  • Ecuador: for the sweet bitterness

Not just the cocoa beans, but the milk they use is also procured from the cows grazing on Belgian pastures. Even the sweet flavor that they use in their white couverture comes from locally grown beets of Belgium.

The other ingredients that we use such as rose oil, saffron, dried fruits and the nuts are all of exceptional quality and each ingredient further proves our words that ‘we will never compromise on quality’.

No Artificial & Synthetic Additions

When we embarked on the journey to bring to our customers the finest chocolates, we decided to minimize the use of any artificial inclusions, preservatives, or additives. Therefore, as brand Kokomaē, we have consciously chosen all products that go in making our chocolates, ensuring there are no artificial flavors, preservatives, or ingredients, keeping our products as natural as we can, just for you.

Be it any Kokomaē product, we will make sure that you have the most premium chocolate experience. With each bite of our chocolate, you will experience a myriad of flavors bursting on your tongue. The flavorful notes of the finest ingredients will make you fall in love with our chocolate and you won’t be able to stop just on one bite. 

Supporting farmers & conventional farming traditions

Kokomaē believes in giving it back to the environment by supporting 100% sustainable cocoa. We are conscious of the impact our chocolates can have on the environment. We, through our suppliers in Belgium & other farms across the globe, take care of the farmers that grow cacao and other ingredients that go in making our chocolates.  Our constant endeavor is towards providing the farming communities working with us with a better life. We strongly stand against child labor, support female farmers, promote community farming practices incorporating local and traditional processes thereby encouraging farmers to grow cocoa in the most sustainable manner. So, by choosing our brand, you as a consumer will also contribute towards the well-being of the farmers.

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