The festive season is upon us, and what better way to spread joy than with the gift of exquisite chocolates?

Kokomaē presents an exclusive range of Christmas chocolate hampers that are designed to elevate your celebrations and make this season even more special.


Explore Kokomae Exquisite Range of Christmas Chocolate Hampers

  1. Unveiling the Exclusive Range:

At Kokomaē, we believe in offering a unique and delightful chocolate experience. Our Christmas chocolate hampers come in various combinations, catering to different preferences. Whether you prefer the richness of single-origin bean-to-bar chocolates, the smoothness of our signature Belgian bars, or the delightful crunch of chocolate-coated nuts, we have something for everyone.


  1. Thoughtful Combinations:

Our hampers are thoughtfully curated to offer a variety of options. From hampers containing three bars or jars to a combination of 25 bite-sized chocolates, we ensure there's a perfect gift for every chocolate lover. The versatility of our offerings makes them an ideal choice for gifting to friends, family, or even corporate associates.


  1. Festive Packaging that Speaks Volumes:

We understand the importance of presentation, especially during the festive season. Each chocolate hamper is adorned with our specially designed Christmas packaging that captures the spirit of the holidays. The vibrant colors, festive motifs, and attention to detail create an experience that goes beyond just chocolates, it's a celebration in a box.


  1. Fast and Reliable Delivery:

We know that timing is crucial during the holidays. That's why Kokomaē ensures that your Christmas chocolate hampers reach your doorstep within 24 to 48 hours of placing the order. Our commitment to quick and reliable delivery is our way of adding to the joy of gifting.


  1. Personalized Touch for Your Loved Ones:

Make your gift even more special with our personalized note option. Add a heartfelt message to express your love and warm wishes for the festive season. It's these little touches that make Kokomaē's chocolate hampers stand out as gifts that are truly thoughtful and personal.


  1. Perfect Pairing for Christmas Parties:

As you gather with loved ones for Christmas parties, our hampers make for the perfect pairing with wine or other beverages. The rich and diverse flavours of our chocolates complement the festive spirit, turning every moment into a celebration.


  1. Delight the Kids with Chocolate Figurines:

For the little ones in the family, Kokomaē offers adorable Santa and reindeer figurines made with creamy milk chocolate. These festive treats are sure to bring smiles to the faces of children and adults alike.


Order Kokomae Christmas Figurines of Santa and Reindeer


Kokomaē's Christmas chocolate hampers are not just gifts, they are expressions of joy, love, and celebration. From the exclusive range of chocolates to the festive packaging and quick delivery, we strive to make your festive season memorable.

Kokomae chocolate santa gift for christmas


Explore our Christmas collection and indulge in the sweetness of the holidays with Kokomaē.