With a dream of becoming India’s favourite chocolate brand, Kokomaē has always strived to be a pioneer in all aspects to make your chocolate experience the best one yet. 

Rather than just asking you to choose Kokomaē Chocolates, we wanted to put our best foot forward by convincing you of all the reasons which make Kokomaē stand out from the rest of the brands in the niche market. Here are 5 reasons why Kokomaē Chocolates are the best! You don’t believe us? Try for yourself!


  1. Made with the finest Belgian Couverture Chocolate: All Signature Bars, Coated Nuts and the Cocoa Spread are made with only the purest Belgian Chocolate. The smooth and fine texture of the Belgian chocolate melts in your mouth so easily, that it is difficult to just stop at one bite. The reason for Belgian chocolate being the best out there is that it is ground to a fine structure of just 15 to 18 microns. Moreover, it has a higher cocoa content and pure cocoa butter.
  2. Exciting, Unique Flavours: Breaking the monotony of regular chocolates and their flavours, we wanted to excite our customers with new and interesting combinations. Whether it’s the sweet, fragrant taste of rose or the spicy aftertaste of chilli, we have seen our customers fall in love with these flavours and come back for more!
  3. Premium, High Quality Ingredients: All the ingredients in the chocolates are pure and of the highest quality, ensuring only the best for our customers. From the ingredients in the signature bars to the ones in coated nuts, they are the finest in the market. The almonds and hazelnuts are roasted to perfection for the finest crunch and taste. Only exquisite and premium saffron, rose oil and chilli extract are used in making the signature bars.
  4. No Harmful Additives: All Kokomaē Chocolates are made without any harmful additives or preservatives. The Signature Bars don’t contain any traces of hydrogenated vegetable fat or palm oil and the coated nuts are made without adding any polishing or glazing agents. We strive to make our chocolates delicious without compromising the quality of the products.
  5. Made in Small Batches: We make our products in small batches to keep the quality and the standard of the chocolates intact. We want to ensure only the best for our customers and small batches help us keep all products under strict scrutiny. Kokomaē chocolates are handcrafted with love and passion. 

With a range of Signature Bars, Coated Nuts and a delectable Hazelnut Rich Cocoa Spread, Kokomaē only has the best to offer. Our aim is not to make you buy the chocolates just once, but for you to come back and keep buying more. We bet we can make you fall in love with chocolates all over again.