Chocolate tastes heavenly delicious and is a favourite of everyone, irrespective of age, whether old or young. Chocolate has the power to make everyone happy or cheerful. If you are sad, you can have chocolate and make your mood fresh and lively. It just tastes so amazing that having only a piece of it takes you to another world. So, too, are the chocolates crafted by Kokomae; We have an amazing and unique collection of chocolates that can instantly uplift your mood. Also, our chocolates are the perfect choice for gifting as they are made with real and raw ingredients.

Today, we will talk about one such amazingly delicious Chocolate Dragee from Kokomae, which is Kokomae nutty butterscotch dragees with cashew praline lusciously coated in 65% dark chocolate. What exactly is so special about it?

  1. This chocolate is made of dark, rich chocolate with crunchy cashews and will surely be a treat for your taste buds.
  2. It has a rich and creamy texture like butterscotch, which will hit your taste buds and give your mind all the good things to feel.
  3. Cashews are everyone’s favorite, and this chocolate has a very prominent taste. They are blended perfectly with smooth and tasty Indian chocolate.
  4. The nuts and cocoa beans used in this chocolate are 100% organic, to nourish and boost your health while adding deliciousness.
  5. This jar of chocolate dragees is a pure delight for chocolate lovers, with its blend of crunchy cashews and fine chocolate.
  6. This chocolate treat serves as the perfect conversation starter for any gathering; serve it with any coffee.

If you want to taste the goodness of this nutty and chocolaty dragee, then do check out our website. We have a delectable collection of chocolate, which tastes amazing and delicious. Do try us out once, and you will become a fan of our chocolates. To pick your favourite type, visit