If someone asks you to pick one single ingredient to pair up with Chocolate, and if you’re like most people, Coffee seems like an irresistible choice. Coffee and chocolate go hand in glove with each other, just like clockwork. This combination can make the most delectable chocolate taste even better and the most exotic coffee tastes like delicate silk droplets. The fact that both coffee and chocolate are seeds of tropical plants and they go through a very similar manufacturing process may explain why they go so well together.

How to pair Chocolate and Coffee

When it comes to pairing chocolate and coffee, there are two central ideas to keep in mind –

  • The similarity in Flavour – Pairing coffee with chocolate that has a similar level of intensity and a similar flavour pallet is always a bankable idea. E.g Light and milk chocolates pair beautifully with coffees that have rich fruit and floral taste while on the other hand, Coffees with strong nut flavours go well with milk to darkish chocolates.
  • One of them has to dominate the other. This suggests that food products with a particularly vibrant taste palette go best with more subtle items, as the latter’s subtle taste enhances the former’s depth. That’s why specialized coffees go well with conventional chocolates, whereas exotic chocolates pair well with less vibrant coffee beverages.

Also, It is worth mentioning that you can always be creative with your pairing ideas and go beyond theory, as one’s taste buds may differ from another. With that being said, here are a couple of pairing ideas for your next Coffee date –

Espresso and Darkish Chocolates – Dark chocolates and espresso go along incredibly well primarily because they complement each other. So if you love Espresso and are looking for a bar of good dark chocolate, here is the link to our favourite Kokomae dark chocolate.

Fruity Coffees with Milk Chocolates – This is a heavenly pairing, When producing a milk-based beverage, use a vibrant combination of arabica, or arabica and robusta. No true sweet-lover can resist this pairing. You can buy Kokomae Milk Chocolates from here.