Almost all of us have been hardwired by our parents and society that chocolates are bad for our health and therefore we should avoid eating them, but luckily, some of us have the power of the internet to break the age-old delusion of ‘Chocolates being unhealthy’ because the fact of the matter is that when eaten in the right quantities, they aren’t.

Today we will break five common myths about Chocolate!

Myth #1 Chocolate contains high content of caffeine and is therefore harmful to health

Caffeine is present in chocolate, although only at minute levels. Caffeine levels are far far higher in Coffee and Tea than in chocolate. Because cocoa is mixed with other ingredients during the chocolate-making process, the caffeine impact is minimized. In fact, a study conducted by the European Society of Cardiology claims that cocoa beans contain polyphenols, which are organic substances that are helpful to the heart and prevent heart attacks by simplifying blood circulation.

Myth #2 Chocolates lack Nutritious Value 

Let’s debunk this one, Chocolates do contain a nutritious value. Cocoa has a significant amount of antioxidants, making dark chocolate a treat for both your tongue and heart. Apart from this, Chocolate has been shown to be high in magnesium, iron, zinc, and copper. Compound Chocolates, however, are bad for your health as the cocoa content in compound chocolate is removed and replaced by vegetable oil, which means that you’re not only sacrificing the nutritional value but you’re also jeopardizing your health as they’re much harder to digest.

That being said, Your favourite Kokomae Chocolates are not compound chocolates and are made from fresh cocoa beans that ensure great taste and great health!

Myth #3 Chocolates and cavities go hand in hand with each other

When eaten in the right quantities, Chocolate would not cause cavities any greater than any other food that you eat. If anything, they’re actually good for your teeth as they are scientifically proven to counteract the cavity-causing sugar. The key thing here is to eat the right amount and moreover, It is always advisable to brush and floss properly when it comes to cavity prevention.

Myth #4 Chocolate and the Acne woes

Many people claim that Chocolate can cause Acne and can also worsen pre-existing Acne. But a study conducted by the University of Pennsylvania claimed that there is no correlation between Chocolate and Acne. So if science is to be believed, Chocolate consumption and Acne are two mutually exclusive events.

Myth#5 Diabetic people should not consume chocolates at all

The fact of the matter is, that diabetic people can indeed consume Chocolate in a healthy and cautious manner. The key idea here is to consume small and limited proportions of Chocolates rather than going overboard with them. Also, It is advisable to eat your chocolate at the end of the meal so that your body has relatively more time to absorb the consumed sugar.