Valentine’s Day – the day of love – is getting close. Of course, chocolate is perfect for creating Valentine’s Day treats, as it’s not only easy to work with and delicious, but also allows you to indulge others as well as yourself. But exactly why do we give the gift of chocolate on Valentine’s Day? We’d like to share three reasons with you:

1. Chocolate gives powers of love

The Aztecs created a beverage named ‘Xocolatl’, containing cocoa, honey and vanilla, which was believed to give special powers and arouse passion. The Aztec king would drink this potion before entering his harem, leading Spanish explorers to conclude that this ‘chocolate’ must indeed give special powers of love.

2. Food of the Gods

The scientific name of the cocoa tree is Theobroma cocoa in Greek: literally translated as ‘Food of the Gods’. What better way to spoil someone than offering them a treat good enough for Gods?

3. Chocolate influences your mood

Historical anecdotes are now supported by scientific evidence. Chocolate – ‘the love drug’ – contains phenylethylalanine. This releases endorphins in your brain, resulting in the same happy feeling you experience when in love.